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Money and talking about money seems to be very taboo in our society.  I want to break away from that and share wholeheartedly.


I am from Sydney Australia and have two teenagers and along with hubby, we have a combined income of $181k (this includes super).


Our Networth is currently $2million, with a goal of $5million (including the family home). 


Our goals are:

  • To have a passive income of $120k per annum

  • Without taking income from the original $5m capital 

  • Never paying taxes again after retirement 

We aim to achieve Financial Independence by age 60, in 2028. 

I am remaining anonymous for the time being for my immediate family, because I am laying out all our household information.  

I will be continuously reviewing our current situation. Knowing that we only have a short period left to MAKE THIS HAPPEN.



- Diana Scharf -

This site's purpose is to document our continued journey, work through thoughts on strategies recommended to me and build a network of like-minded people, who are happy to share and talk about money.


Financial Independence is so important, as it allows people to have choices, care for loved ones, give to the community and pursue their own purpose and passions. 


I don't think money should be a taboo subject and I'm excited to participate in making this happen, through this site and my social media channels. I hope that by doing this, it will keep me motivated, teach me new things AND hopefully along the way help others too. 


This process will help keep me accountable. I am committing to updates and deadlines to changes we need to make to achieve our goals. 


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"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before ...
and to do something you've never done,
you'll have to become
someone you've never been"
- Les Brown