I am excited to share this with YOU and I hope that you join me on this journey. Whether you have your budget/expenses/finances already handled, or you just cruise through each week and each month, OR even if you have your head in the sand ...😊 I would love to help guide you through with some good old fashion foundations and then get into the FUN stuff... you may not think it can be fun, but trust me when I say this, when you have a plan and you are ticking off achievements and there are fewer surprises/expenses coming your way, you will feel at peace. And even occasionally have a little happy dance! 😊


Now, this week is about getting ready. It's about thinking about how money comes in and out of your world. We don't have to do anything other than getting ready. It's a time for you to think about possibly changing what you currently do and what you want to achieve.

So the first thing to do is get an exercise book, or spiral notebook, whatever you can get your hands on ... let's just get this stuff down on paper.

Collect as many of your bills as possible. Everything you can find!

- Old bills and invoices - Current bills - Bank statement - Loan statements - Email invoices

Put them together, ready for next week.

Now, think about the things you buy, what you need, what your family usually needs.

This week is just thinking about the choices you are making in getting your money organised!

Extra homework 😊 ... recommended!

If you have the Barefoot Investor book or a similar Personal Finance book, read through the first few chapters where they will talk about budgets or getting debt reduced and the different types of debts. You can also read more about this on my blog site

I have also included a link to my Barefoot Book Review and a link to how I review my budget

It is time to have a little peace, and know you are GOING to get this MONEY thing worked out and YOU will be in control ... YOU HAVE GOT THIS ...

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