"WRITE YOUR GOALS DOWN. If they're not written down, they're just dreams. When you write things down, it sets off a chain of events that will change your life."

Looking back to one of my early blog posts REALIGNING GOALS, which was about getting my goals locked down and on paper, I am so glad I did that and I encourage you all to do the same if you haven't already.

I started by looking long term and decided on my goals for the next 8 years. Check out the original post for more on this. Then, I broke it down to my goals for this year, 2021.

Each month, I've been able to reflect back to these goals, update my progress and feel good about what I've achieved each month. Even a little progress makes a difference. It can be really hard to think about your goals every day when you have so much 'life stuff' going on, so being able to refer back to 6 clear goals and break them down, makes it so much easier to work them around every day life.

August 2021

August was still a very trying month. Lockdown restrictions, worried about my mum (on her own), my Year12 child getting through the last few weeks of school & my husband still out of work. My head felt like it would explode. Our local cafe was my little 'happiness' each day. Good for the soul but not for my healthy eating. The last few days of August perked up. Trials for the HSC were complete, the major project submitted so that's pretty much it for my Year12er and school life. AND hubby got himself a fantastic job that is perfect for him. Started the last week of August & we both have a great feeling about this. The fun part is that he will be back to monthly wages AND a $15k pay rise.

I get to redo our budget and financial plans now. I will do a post after the 15th to show how I do this as we need to top up our Emergency fund, review our 'buckets' now we can start paying into our Yearly Expense buckets again. Spring is here and a feeling of hope. Thank you everyone for being here and keeping me cocooned in this space on the net.

July 2021

I was going to let July just wash over and forget all about it as it has been so weird. AND then I remembered I promised myself to record this year with the good, bad and the ugly 😢

I have a strong mind and can work through this mess with a little more “couch/TV time” and a hell of a lot of compassion for myself. Once I get that sorted I can then have compassion for my family (as they say on planes: putting on my oxygen mask first).

So July was a little slow and basically needed to batten down the hatchet to ensure we do just enough to keep us going and reviewing what are our essentials.

TV just doesn’t hold for me what it used to so will do a lot more reading and checking out options for side hustle work (only something that I will enjoy) AND make peace at home a bit more.

Big virtual hugs 🤗 to you wonderful people that inspire and show up being real as much as you can.

Compassion to you all 😘

June 2021

June had its ups and downs. I finalised the end of the financial year with our Financial Planner and reviewed our progress to see if we are on track. We still have some time to catch up so focussing mainly on the next 6 months and what we can do to help keep moving forward with our financial goals. We may come in lower with the amount invested. We will see how everything goes! The main thing is we are adding something! Have discovered Reiki the last month or so and enjoyed a birthday 'reading' & reiki session. Felt very earthed and 'woo woo'. Only finished one book completely. Not really sure what to read next. I have a couple of audible books I am listening to but only listen while I am driving and haven't had a lot of time in the car (work is only 5 mins away!). Did a final top-up of my salary sacrificing to get as much into investing and tax benefits. Really looking forward to seeing how the tax return works out with the extra concessional contributions. Birthday month! So had some great catchups early in the month. Went to the Archibald Exhibition for the first time. It was great to be out and about. Then finished off the month in lockdown again!

May 2021

May started with trying to get the Finance 4U series completed. It was harder than I thought and I wanted to go down so many different rabbit holes with simulations that I procrastinated so much. I completed it! And it felt good that I have gotten it all down. I look forward to picking out some things to revisit later, for myself and also to simulate for you.

I got through my book quota

Investing is still not going top speed however ETFs are going gangbusters at the moment so the Retirement balance is growing without much effort from us. Thanks, Vanguard and CBA shares!

A few little adventures this month which I am grateful for. Plus a lot of compassion for myself and feeling more peaceful.

All up, a good month. Bring on the last month of the financial year and June's networth calculations!

April 2021

This month was pretty light on for investing. The salary sacrificing and paying the principal on our home loan & investment loan is automatic. Nothing else is happening at the moment as we are keeping everything really tight. The emergency fund has been hit a little more so I am being conscious of that but at the same time giving ourselves some compassion to not be too disappointed. Hubby is changing jobs in May! Yeh.. so that should get us back to being consistent. The new job has a base salary that is less than previously and that's OK as it will be consistent AND will pay super correctly. I believe that consistency is so important to allow for money management to be put on autopilot.

I read my goal of 3 books but could not get through one of them ... way too deep so switched to a more soulful one my cousin recommended (The Midnight Library). The Latte Fallacy was really good. Will have to do a book review on this one very soon. Vince has some fantastic methods and makes so much sense.

The SMSF is here to stay for the near future as I made an error on the admin costs. They are not as much as I had calculated so is still an OK fit for the fees and flexibility. Researching ways to invest outside of super is on hold until our income is more stable and our emergency fund is healthy again.

March 2021

March was a productive month for the Blog and my Finance 4 U series (I am enjoying getting it all out of my head and on the page). Got through my 3 books target too!

Since we really don't appear to be going on road trips as much as I initially thought in Jan, I have added 'adventures' and these are activities with the family or solo. Enjoyed some events and going out. The French Film Festival is in Sydney at the moment and I love a good French movie. I don't think I have watched one to date that I didn't like. They are so authentic, even down to their wardrobe where you will see the same jacket worn several times throughout the movie and it's perfectly normal. Anyway, the French & Italian Film Festivals are always something I look forward to. The FeverUP Candlelit event was something new and awesome. A Quartet playing by candlelight in a church was breathtaking. Looking forward to trying another new thing in April.

The money side of our goals has been slow on the income/investing side of things as hubby is still on strange pay (kind of JobKeeper). He is now actively looking for another job (finally). Luckily, having our properties revalued makes it feel like we are still moving upwards (10% increase in NW in 3 months). Even though this is on paper, it still made me feel good.

February 2021

To keep me accountable and also to be mindful that even the smallest steps = progress.

When I look back on 2021 I will be able to celebrate the progress I have made. I like being reminded each month of the goals I set for myself. If we don't document and take a moment to review what's important to us, another 30 days go by and then 90 days and then a year flashes by with no reflection (trust me, I have had a decade go by like that so am being very mindful now of living my life on PURPOSE).

January 2021

Would like to check in with what happened in Jan against what I put out into the universe for this year's goals.

I am happy to report that items are getting ticked off the list so that is good news. I will keep tracking this so that I can see our progress.

I am proud of feeling all the feels with changing strategies and making changes. Very scary to do these changes but I committed, so I am doing it!

This image shows our 2021 Goals with the update of what happened in January.

What do your goals look like for this year?

Do you like checking in with them monthly?

How has this helped your plans?

I'd love to hear from you!

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